For seven generations we have always strived to deliver high quality products.

If necessary we deliver to the specifications of the customer by producing with specific hardness, consistency, colour and taste characteristics. We carry out a strict selection and checks of our raw materials both in our purchase policy and in the field itself.

Every delivery is thoroughly checked before it is admitted in our factory. This enables us to always guarantee the hygiene, (food-) safety and stability of our end products.

Our products can be completely tracked via the HACCP system. Our company is officially checked several times a year by the Belgian authorities, represented by the FAVV (Federaal Agentschap voor de Veiligheid van de Voedselketen - Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food chain).



We try to provide good service to our customers through efficient production and direct administrative follow-up.



Baeten & C° works with pre-selected suppliers who work with us on a permanent basis. Through thorough quality selection of the raw materials we guarantee high quality products.