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Craftsmanship and custom work: ask us your specific question

Every type of fat and oil is different. Our standard range meets the requirements of all our different customers in the food industry and various non-food sectors. However, you are also very welcome to approach us if you have a specific request.

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Did you know...
that the use of insect fat is on the rise? In time, it may become a healthy, sustainable alternative to other types of fat.

Fats of animal origin

Baeten & Co is specialised in beef and pork fat. But we also have lots of experience with chicken, goose and duck fat. We can help with practically anything, whatever type of fat and application you have in mind.

Vegetable fats and blends

We combine our animal fats with fats derived from plants (palm oil, corn oil, coconut oil etc.), depending on your application.

We are also conducting all sorts of experiments with organic fats. These are in increasing demand in food applications, and are also gaining popularity in the world of cosmetics.

Other specialities

You can also come to us for specific applications such as halal or vegan fats.

Discover our services

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Custom work from A to Z

Looking for a fat with a specific melting point for your food application? Or do you need a fat with a specific hardness for a more technical non-food application? In consultation with you, we select a suitable fat from our range or develop a custom fat.

Are you looking for a custom product?

Ask us a question and we will answer it as soon as we can.