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Baeten & Co: a family business with clear values

Our family company is now more than two centuries old and led by the seventh generation. All these years of experience are reflected in our corporate values.

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Did you know...
that the Baeten family also had a brewery from 1886 to 1944, right beside the oil mill? 'De Zevenster' was best known for its Geuze des Flandres and Blonde des Flandres beers, which won various international awards.

Our values

Tradition Baeten & Co is a family company that has been active in the world of fats and oils since 1815. Over the years, we have continuously innovated in order to develop the most pioneering products. However, one thing has stayed the same: our craft traditions, which are the basic ingredient of all our successful recipes.

Pure quality Thanks to our unique filtration process, we supply stable fats that decline very little in quality over time. We mainly concentrate on products of animal origin. Why? The answer is simple: the natural taste of animal fat is inimitable.

What's more, our products do not contain any chemical antioxidants, flavourings or other additives. We aim for quality in its purest form.

Sustainability We don't let anything go to waste. For example, the bleaching earth we use in our filtration process has a second life as a compost. Besides this, we take numerous other initiatives to limit our ecological footprint.

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