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Our products for wholesale and retail

Baeten & Co produces beef fat (dripping) and lard under its own label for chip shops, restaurants, bakeries and other catering establishments and small businesses. Want to fry delicious fries or meat cooked in our fat at home? You can do that too.

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Beef fat

Professional fryers know that the quality of our Belgian fries all comes down to the fat they are fried in. That is why most Belgian chip shops swear by Baeten & Co's beef fat.

Beef fat is a stable fat – and so one you can use for a long time – that is considered essential for giving the perfect flavour to scrumptious Belgian fries. But a mouth-watering cut of meat deserves to be cooked in high-quality fat as well.

Did you know...
Belgium exports more than 3 million tons of fries and other pre-cooked potato products, making it the world's largest exporter of these products?

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Pork fat

Lard is the ideal fat for various baking applications, both sweet and savoury. For the creamy filling in pastries, for example, lard is the perfect substitute for butter. An important benefit of lard is that it can withstand high temperatures.

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