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Fats and oils by Baeten & Co: guaranteed quality

Standards help us guarantee the quality of our products. That is why they are a top priority for us. Partly thanks to our sustainable production process we have several specific certificates and quality labels for our wide range of food and non-food products.

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Our certificates and quality labels

FSSC 22000 This food safety standard is based on the ISO 22000 standard and is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

HACCP You can check the origin of our products in full using the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system, which is a method to protect food from biological, chemical and physical hazards.

Halal We have the required certificates for the production of halal fat.

Bio Sustainability is high on our list of priorities. That is why we are increasingly committed to products of organic origin.

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Irresistible quality thanks to a unique filtration process

Refining is the art of purifying. With our many decades of experience, this is an art we have mastered perfectly at Baeten & Co and even taken to a higher level with a hyper-modern physical filtering and refining process.

Step 1: the bleaching process
In the first phase of the filtration process, we add natural clay to the fat. This is a bleaching earth for food applications that absorbs impurities (gelatines, mucilage etc.) and gives the fat a paler colour. This unique pre-filtration is done at a temperature of 90–110°C.

Stap 1: bleaching

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Step 2: the refining process
The second phase of the process is the actual refining. We increase the temperature of the fat to 230°C in a vacuum, using steam injection to get the fat moving. The free fatty acids (FFAs) are released as a vapour, removed and then condensed into liquid form.

The lower the FFA content, the better the quality of the fat. 3% is the maximum FFA content permitted by law. Our unique refining process brings us very close to 0%. That results in the quality labels we need.

Stap 2: refining

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Step 3: packing and distribution
After the refining process, we gradually cool the fat to 70–80°C. Then we pack or transport it so it can used for various applications in the food industry and non-food sectors.

Stap 3: distribution

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Sustainable process
At Baeten & Co, we waste as little as possible. A large proportion of our production residues are given a new life in different applications.

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Sustainable residues

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