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Sustainability as a cornerstone of our high-quality fat

In a world that is evolving and producing at lightning speed, working sustainably is absolutely crucial. Baeten & Co is contributing in as many ways as it can to a successful circular narrative.

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Did you know...
that the trimmings from the yew hedge on our site are used in the fight against cancer? This is because yew contains baccatin, a substance found in many chemotherapy drugs.

Sustainable process

We don't let anything go to waste. For example, the bleaching earth we use in our filtration process is reused to fertilize soil. The excess acids we remove from our fat are used in the production of steel wire. And these are just a couple of examples.

Because we take as few steps as possible in our production process, we keep our energy consumption low as well as delivering pure and stable end products.

What's more, we take numerous other initiatives to limit our ecological footprint: we reduce our CO2 emissions to a minimum, produce energy with solar panels and store water in our pond and rainwater tanks. And our philosophy is also evident in the little details. For example, all the greenery in our garden is of native origin.

The right way to work

We extend our sustainable working methods to our HR policy. We not only invest in our processes, but also – and especially – in our people. Motivation is what connects our staff, and we try to foster this in various ways. This gives everyone maximum responsibility and the opportunity to follow training courses.